Laced with Lace Series I I

Silver wire

twist and weaving

45 x 45 x 20 cm

Series II is a group of close-fitting lace with four pieces. They are worn on head, neck, shoulder, elbow and ankle. They are made particularly from holes and gaps between muscles, thus they seem to spread out from hollow parts. They can be worn secretly and close-fittingly, soft silver wires is close with skin as silk stockings; however, hard and tough metal make wearers feel being “hooped”, and the wearers only can move within finite space, and can not stretch at will.

系列II為 一組四件的貼身紋飾,分別配戴於頭頸、肩膀、手肘、腳踝,製作時刻意由孔穴及肉與肉間的夾縫作為起始,讓物件彷彿自身體凹陷處向外滋生,貼身的配戴方式私 密而隱晦,柔軟的銀線猶如絲襪般與肌膚親密服貼,但金屬所獨具的堅硬與韌性,無形中卻也使配戴者彷彿被「箍」住,僅能在有限的空間中動作,無法任意伸展