Monika Brugger(Germany), Yu Chun Chen(Taiwan), Yu Fang Chi(Taiwan), Carole Deltenre(France), Yuni Kim Lang(South Korea), Lauren Kalman(United States)

23 August – 9 September Tue–Sat 12–6pm

BLINDSIDE Level 7, Room 14, The Nicholas Building, 37 Swanston St, Melbourne

Tacit Recollection engages object and jewellery artists who reflect on the relation of body and external world. Works on exhibition are intimate responses to the ‘uncertain’ body circumstances of each artist, evoking a sense of fragility, sensuality, transparency and intuition.

Notions of ambiguous identity, voicelessness and introspection are engaged via each artist’s processes of making. Their artwork tends to evoke the sensation of touch in the viewer and the wearer.

Curated by Yu Fang Chi

This exhibition is presented as part of the 2017 Melbourne Contemporary Jewellery and Object Trail, Radiant Pavilion, 26 August – 3 September, 2017. http://www.radiantpavilion.com.au/tacit-recollection.html

Catalogue image caption: Lauren Kalman, But if the Crime is Beautiful... Hood (2), 2014, inkjet print, 70 x 50 cm. © Lauren Kalman

 Inner Crease  8 Female jewellery artists from Taiwan

1st September - 3rd October, 2015

Upstairs at the Napier Gallery

210 Napier St, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, 3065.

Artists / Ying-Hsiu CHEN, Yu-Fang CHI, Yung-Huei CHAO, Ying-Hsun HSU, 

            Jiun-You OU, Cai-Xuan WU, Shu-Lin WU, Wen-Miao YEH

Curator /  Yu-Fang, CHI


'Inner Crease' is a group exhibition of 8 Taiwanese female Jewellery artists. The title evokes ideas of fragility, sensuality, transparency and intuition. The works of all eight artists are an intimate feminine response illustrating their views of the body and external world. 'Inner Crease' promotes a dialogue, which aims to create a varied, indefinite and fluid platform for our jewellery to be touched, perceived and appreciated.

Through the making of art jewellery and the experience of materials, we try to introspect the process of creation and the position and reflection of the body on our art jewellery. In this exhibition we will apply the poetic imagery from our own studio practice and try to find similar ways to share our experiences through the physical processes of making and the act of wearing.