Laced with Lace Series I

Silver wire

twist and weaving

In works, metal networks are specially and closely related to body skin. “matter” is close with but far away from “body”, and another layer of artificial vein is given upon skin vein, it can be seen sometimes, but it may be out of view at other times… the art of “remade skin” adopted in series of “Laced with Lace” tries to use silver wire to refresh construct fence nets based on the technology of ancient and complex lace. Another layer of skin is recreated with a lot of lines. With manual weaving, metal wires look like tattoo lines, which spread on female body.

Laced with Lace 系列 I



作品中金屬網絡與肉體肌膚具有一種特殊而緊密的關係,「物質」之於「肉身」既親密又隔離,在肌膚的紋理之上再造了另一層人工紋理,於是「可見」與「迷失」中,視線不斷游離。「Laced with Lace」系列中,使用「再造皮層」的手法,試圖從古老繁複的蕾絲技法出發,以銀線重新構築一片片貼身欄網,繁花簇景的視覺線條中,另一層身體皮膜被重塑、再造,透過手工的穿梭編結,金屬絲線彷彿紋身線條,在女體隱隱蔓延。