Ring series

stainless steel wire, lacquer cable, fishing line, cotton thread


Size: 120 x 5 x 5 cm

      The Ring series utilizes clipping as the wearing method. Through the ancient technique of coiling, the similarly shaped, differently colored rings are drupe shaped and made from metal coils on the exterior. The spiral begins at the center and expands outwards, using a main thread pattern commonly seen in ancient jewelry to create a vessel-like hollow structure. When worn, it looks like a shell that engulfs and nibbles at the finger of the wearer, while the finger is transformed into a powerless, soft-bodied animal protruding from the crevasse.

Selected for “SOFT 4, Four International Textile Fashion Accessories Biennale”

戒  系列



尺寸: 120 x 5 x 5 cm

作品「戒」系列,以「夾咬」作為這組戒指的配戴方式。利用古老籃編技法「繞」(coiling), 製作了一組四件造型相似、色彩各異的戒指,核果狀的外殼由一圈圈金屬線捲繞而成,從蕊芯逐步向外盤旋、延伸,以古老首飾中大量使用的「螺紋」為主軸,發展 出容器一般的空心造型,配戴時猶如一只貝殼,含納、啃齧著配戴者的手指,而手指也彷彿化身為毫無招架之力的軟體動物,自縫隙間穿越鑽出。

 SOFT 4 西班牙第四屆國際纖維時尚配件雙年賽」入選